D-Water Tech ( in short familiar as D-Water) was registered in June 2006 as a business house for importing and marketing water treatment/purification machineries and equipments. Company imports merchandise from China, Taiwan and Japan and markets at whole sale and retail basis. Company also designs and installs small, medium & large size water treatment plants at domestic commercial and industrial installations.

Company was initially registered as a proprietorship business and 2 crore taka Authorized Capital. Secondary registered with 5 Directors and 10 crore Taka Authorized Capital.

As the business expanded with larger project undertakings the Authorized Capital was increased to 22 crore Taka As of today no of Directors has been increase to six. Annual turnover of business is nearly twenty crore Taka.

D-Water Tech is a rapidly expanding private company established in the field of water and environmental water works in Bangladesh. The enterprise is progressively proceeding towards entering into the Regional and Global Water World having a commitment of providing quality water for everybody and everywhere in addition to having a vision for producing ever fresh water environment for better living. D-Water business objectives are mainly associated in the field of importing , marketing and supplying of water treatment machineries and equipments specially varieties of readymade domestic water purifiers, and in broad spectrum, installation of water, waste-water and effluent treatment plant (WTP/WWTP/ETP) with world’s latest techniques and technologies like

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) process,

2. Ultra Filtration (UF)

3. Ultra Violet (UV)

4. Ozone (O3)

5. Electric De-Ionozation (EDI)

6. Distillation,

7. Ion Exchange,

8. Electric Contaminant Removal (ECR),

9. Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) etc.

10. Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)

Company has undertaken some separate major projects of national priority. In early 2009 Company has signed Agreement with Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) for implementing their two large capacities industrial Water Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Projects.

The first one is to installed, operate and commission 600 m3/hr capacity industrial water treatment plant by RO process including post-commission 30 years of commercial supply of industrial grade pure water for feeding more than 450 heavy industries operating in Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ) at Chittagong. This prolonged period of continuous supply of industrial pure water to CEPZ industries including the operation, maintenance and quality management of the treatment plant will be under the full responsibility and ownership of D-Water Tech. It is worthwhile to mention that the CEPZ treatment plant project is one of the largest capacity RO plants of the water desalination world in Asia. Its production capacity is 11,400 m3/Day having a provision to enlarge further in next phases of the project. Project cost is approximately Tk 53,00,00,000.00. The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2013. Now it is in operation.

The second project is also to supply, installation, commission and post-commission self operation and maintenance of Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) at Savar. This large CETP project is being built in view of central management and treatment of total wastewater and effluent daily disposed off from the industries in EPZ. The project also remain under full control of the joint venture company formed between D-Water Tech Ltd and Singapore based Flagship Ecosystems Investment Ltd for the period of prolonged 30 years, same as that of the WTP project in CEPZ . Total work of this central ETP project of DEPZ has already been completed on March 2012. Commercial production started on Novermber 2012. Project cost is approximately Tk 68,00,00,000.00.

D-WaterTech is the only privately owned company, pioneer in Bangladesh, installing such high capacity hi-tech industrial water and effluent treatment plants (WTP and ETP). The enterprise also deals in and provides filed expertise and consultancy services in detection with instant rectification of the operation, maintenance, process control and quality management problems of all sorts of industrial water, commercial water, wastewater and effluent treatment plants, boiler and cooling water conditioning severely suffering almost in all industries other than BEPZA such as tanneries, textile & dying, garments, pharmaceuticals, Fish Processing, shrimp processing, swimming pool , Power Plant, Defense etc.

D-Water Tech has the highly qualified professional expertise specialist capable to advice for practical solutions of any sorts of water and effluent treatment problems.

The Company is operated by a group of high skilled technical and managerial professionals each possesses long practical experience in water treatment and management field. Engineering Adviser, Technical Consultants, Water & Effluent Treatment Specialist, Engineers, Marketing Assistants, Technicians are practical experienced.

Almost 340 number of employee is still working in DWT and sister concern in different locations of Bangladesh.

D- Water Tech makes constant endeavors to expand their water and wastewater treatment business locally and overseas in cooperation with renowned international water treatment agencies.

Contact Details

New Dohs,Mohakhali,Dhaka
Phone: 01817-61-00-26, 01711-67-98-09